simply Pierogi

Pierogi are a traditional Polish dumpling filled with savory or sweet fillings! They are boiled in water and tossed in butter to serve, they are very similar to ravioli. Many people enjoy sautéing their pierogi to give them an extra crisp. Pierogi are a staple in Eastern European countries and are popular throughout the world.

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Join us at our European Lounge in Clarence at 4475 Transit Road!

 Chrusciki Bakery, Simply Pierogi Polish Kitchen, & Sto Lat Bar are all collaborating under one roof. There is something for everyone here! Join us to enjoy breakfast, coffee, gelato, lunch, dinner, or a drink at the bar. 

Try Simply Pierogi through Stock The Freezer!

Simply Pierogi – Polish Kitchen serves traditional Polish cuisine in a modern-day format. Choose from a selection of our delicious meals freshly frozen that you can easily heat up from the convenience of your own home. From the same family as Chrusciki Bakery, you’re guaranteed true Polish deliciousness!