Gift Platters & Baskets

Looking for a unique gift item? We offer beautiful platters and baskets filled with a variety of delicious baked goods! Perfect for clients, friends, or family. Choose from a selection below or work with us to create a custom gift.

Desert Platters

Gourmet Dessert Platter


  • 6 Mini Eclairs, 10 Mini Cannoli, 8 Carrot Cake Bites, 10 Chocolate Brownie Bites, 6 Chocolate Mousse Bars.

Mini Chocolate Mousse Bars


25 Moist Chocolate Cakes filled w/PB and Vanilla cream; coated in Rich Chocolate Ganache.

Mini Chocolate Chip Cannoli

Small (24) - $35.00
Large (48) - $65.00

Mini Cannoli w/Chocolate Chip Ricotta Cheese Filling.

Mini Pastry Hearts

Small (24) - $35.00
Large (48) - $65.00

Mini Hearts; Flakey Puff Pastry topped w/ Sweet Icing.

Mini Brownie Bites


60 Mini Brownie Bites Topped w/ Rich Chocolate Icing.

Mini Chocolate Eclairs


30 Mini Chocolate Eclairs filled w/ Bavarian Cream.

Mini Carrot Cake Bites


30 Moist, Carrot Cake w/Raisins, Pineapple, & Walnuts. Topped w/Cream Cheese Frosting & Walnuts

Mini Cheesecake Bites


24 Soft Sugar Cookies filed w/raspberry or lemonk kelly

Mini Linzer Cookies


24 Soft Sugar Cookies filled w/ Rasberry or Lemon Jelly

Breakfast Platters

Assorted Turnover Platter

Small (24) - $35.00
Large (48) - $65.00

Mini Assorted Turnovers. Cherry & Apple Filled.

Brunch Platter


Choice of Coffee Cake: Almond RIng, Cherry Almond Ring, or Cheese Crumb Ring.
Choice of Strudel Bites: French Apple, French Cherry, Or Ricotta Cheese.

Assorted Danish Platter

Small (24) - $35.00
Large (48) - $65.00

Mini Assorted Danish. Cherry, Apple, Pineapple, Blueberry, & Cheese.

Gourmet Donut Platter


24 - Gourmet Donuts. Choice of two flavors: Lemon Blueberry, Turtle, Old Fashioned Sour Cream, or Apple Cider.

Scone Platter


12 Gourmet Scones. Bacon, Cheddar, Chive, Rasberry White Chocolate, Blueberry, or Chocolate Chip (Choice of one flavor)

Assorted Strudel Platter


French Apple Strudel, French Cherry Strudel, & Ricotta Cheese Strudel. 36 Strudel Bites.

Placek Platter


24 Thick Cut Slices. Polish Sweet Bread w/ Golden Raisins, Butter Crumbs, & Powdered Sugar. Served w/ Butter.

Specialty Items

Number and Letter Cakes

Single-Letter/Number: $75.00
Double Letter/Number: $140.00

Perfect for anniversaries, office birthdays, your company's initials, and more! Celebrating a milestone? Hosting an important event? Need to wow a client? These cakes can do that in a truly unique way wit decoration ranging from bright and floral to chocolate & candy-filled.

Gourmet 4 Layer Cakes


Our 10" gourmet 4 layer cakes are the perfect treat to celebrate any occasion. Choose from our triple chocolate or our most popular white almond raspberry swirl cake.

Macaron Number & Letters

Price varies by Size

Available in small or large. Choose your number or letters, color palette and macrons. Perfect for any celebration!

Handcrafted Macarons


Birthday Cake, Almond, Strawberry, Black Raspberry, Salted Caramel, Lemon, Mint Chocolate, Orange Chocolate, Chocolate, Strawberry Cheesecake, & Seasonal Flavors

Cookie Platters

Chrusciki Platter

Small (40-50 pieces)- $28.00
Medium (70-80 pieces)- $38.00
Large (110-120 pieces)- $48.00
Add a bow: +$3.00

Assorted Cookie Platter

Small (2 LBS)- $45.00
Large (4 LBS)- $85.00

Fig Cookies, Mexican Wedding Cakes, Raspberry Thumbprints, & Fruit Filled Kolaczki

Buffalove Cookie Platter


24 Buffalo Cutout Cookies Iced w/ Royal Icing

Classic Cookie Platter


30 Cookies of Your Choice. Chocolate Chip, M&M, Oatmeal Rasisin, or Peanut Butter.

Sugar Cookie Platter

Small (2 LBS)- $45.00

Seasonal Cutout Cookies

Custom Logo Cookies


Personalize a sugar cookie with your company logo!

Gift Baskets



One Almond Ring, One Container of Chrusciki,
Two Jumbo Chocolate Chip Cookies.



One Almond Ring, One Container of Chrusciki,
Two Jumbo Chocolate Chip Cookies,
One LB Mixed Cookies, & One Placek Bread.



One Almond Ring, One Container of Chrusciki,
Two Jumbo Chocolate Chip Cookies, One Placek,
Four Old Fashioned Cupcakes, One Half
Strudel, Six Macarons, & One LB Mixed Cookies



The perfect gift to celebrate any special occasion! Serves 2-4 people.