Blast From The Past!

We're Celebrating 30 Years in Business!

We're Celebrating 30 Years in Business!

How It All Began...

In 1984, founders Tadeusz and Hania Robieniek made the decision to leave their home, families, and teaching jobs in communist ruled Gdańsk, Poland in search of the American Dream. With two suitcases and only $100 between them, they set off for America; leaving everything behind, their jobs, their homes, and even their two young daughters... Despite many hardships, they were determined to succeed.

Ultimately Buffalo, NY was chosen as where the Robieniek family would establish itself. After two long years of separation, daughters Monika and Ania were finally able to join their parents in America.

By 1987, the Robienieks self-taught themselves to speak English while working for E.M. Bakery in the bustling Broadway Market. They eventually gained a strong foothold in the east side of Buffalo. They purchased E.M. Bakery and E.M. “Chrusciki” Bakery was born!

To reinforce the business they had just purchased, both Hania and Teddy spent some time visiting famous bakeries back in Poland. From these bakeries, they brought back truly authentic recipes for items such as paczki, placek, and chrusciki. E.M. Chrusciki Bakery quickly became a staple in the Polish rooted Broadway Market area.

In 2010, Ania, became President and owner of Chrusciki Bakery, Inc. The business expanded rapidly as Ania opened two additional locations in Lancaster and Williamsville. Going forward, a collaboration of old-world recipes and traditions with a new generation's modern day flair, resulted in the creation of our bakery's sister company... Simply Pierogi! Beginning as a small stand in the Broadway Market, Chrusciki Bakery has grown immensely to provide full service wholesale, catering, nationwide online shipping, wedding cakes, custom cakes, traditional pierogi, gourmet desserts, and more! 

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